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Laboratory Grown


Princess Cut Diamond

What are they? Are they real? And more importantly, why?


Laboratory-grown diamonds are created by science rather than nature, hence the collection name. Carbon-based materials, sometimes diamonds depending on the process, are treated with heat, pressure, and gas treatments to grow ‘rough’ diamonds.



In short, yes.

It’s true that some purists believe only diamonds naturally formed in the earth should be called diamonds. While others question the need for continued mining when we can produce excellent materials using renewable energy sources.


The reality is that laboratory-grown diamonds are chemically and characteristically identical to their natural cousins. It takes some hi-tech equipment for even trained jewellers to identify them from one another.


Both natural rough diamonds and lab grown diamonds go through the same process - the only difference is where they originate.


As a manufactured material rather than a natural commodity these stones aren’t limited like natural stones, so their availability keeps prices more affordable.


With natural diamond prices at an all-time high, it’s great to have an alternative.

People often assume that lab-grown diamonds are more “perfect” than earth-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds can still have inclusions, just like earth-grown diamonds. When choosing between a lab-grown diamond or an earth-grown diamond, it’s really all about preference. 

It’s the knowledge that you have the real thing that gives natural diamonds the edge.


We are delighted to offer you, our customers, choice when it comes to selecting the perfect diamond for you.

Natural diamonds remain our core and we don’t see a time when they won’t be, just alongside laboratory.

It’s all about choice.

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