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Hand, Crest, Seal & Machine Engraving Services

We can take care of any engraving requirements, with our efficient and competitively priced specialist services for hand, crest, seal and machine engraving techniques.

We have a number of top quality engravers on our team of specialists, from our day-to-day machine trophy engravers, to our extremely specialist hand engravers.

We are also still very lucky to be working with an incredible crest/seal engraver, who was friends with Martin back in the Hatton Garden days and is proud to say he has engraved items on behalf of the Royal Family.

He’s semi-retired now and certainly not available to everybody but he still works on our items, providing uniquely competitive rates for customers at Merlins the Jewellers.


Please get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll do our best to help.

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