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In the beginning…

Julie and Martin Harris first opened their jewellery business in 1979. In the early days, Martin had his workbench in the shop and Julie used to draw the designs and help with customers. They were a small team, with big ideas. Over the years, the number of regular and loyal customers grew: word-spread of the excellent service, outstanding craftsmanship and really very reasonable prices!

As Julie and Martin’s family and life in Godalming expanded, so did their business, and before long it was time for some serious remodelling, to allow more space for life and work to co-exist in new and improved harmony. Martin and his father built a new two storey extension onto the back of the property, the shop moved into the former living room, their children relocated into the attic and, possibly most importantly of all, Julie got her new kitchen! All in all, pretty much the entire space was redesigned and the work benches were moved into a new and improved workshop area, to make more room for more retailing and repairs.

40+ years later, and although now operating on a much larger scale than before, Merlins the Jewellers remains steadfast in it’s traditional and long-standing values of providing exceptional service and value for all. At Merlins the Jewellers, we pride ourselves on continuing to deliver the practical side of the jewellery trade. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on buying new, we recognise the importance of providing care and maintenance for your treasured pieces, family heirlooms and even just keeping your favourite watch ticking. That’s why we are wholeheartedly committed to providing high quality, reasonably priced repairs at all levels, from simple silver soldering repairs, to delicate diamond mounting and spectacular bespoke jewellery design. Come and visit us in-store in Godalming to meet the team and have a chat about how we can help you.

Who was Merlin?


Merlin was Julie and Martin’s flat coated retriever when they first

opened the shop, back in 1979! Merlin’s favourite place

was curled up near the heater by the front door.

He was such a friendly dog and familiar local face,

that many people came in just to see him rather

than look at the jewellery.

When they were thinking about a name for the

shop, somebody suggested calling it

Merlins, as he was always the first

one to greet people at the door.

The idea became a reality

and although he sadly died in 1990,

his name and silhouette live on.

The importance of a four-legged

friendly greeting at the door has

lived on and our customers will

no-doubt fondly remember Merlin’s

successor, Moses, and be thrilled to

meet our latest addition to the family,

our black Labrador Retriever, Milton!

Meet Martin Harris ~ Founder of Merlins the Jewellers


Martin was apprentice to Philip Murray in London’s Hatton Garden.

He gained further experience by working for several workshops in Hatton garden and the West End, finally joining Asprey’s in Bond Street before branching out on his own.

Along with his wife Julie, they opened their jewellery shop, known as Merlins the Jewellers, at 4 Bridge Street, Godalming in 1980 and have been trading there ever since.

Martin’s enthusiasm for high quality workmanship, attention to detail and passion for vintage restoration still remains at the heart of our workshop and it is his passion for making, restoring and caring for treasured pieces that still fuels the family business today.

Tim Harris ~ Business Owner

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-22 at 11.41.27_554f1180.jpg

In 2012 Martin and Julie retired. Tim bought the business, ensuring Martin and Julie could move to Canada where they continue to live their life of luxury in their little wooden shed in the forest.

Originally based in Godalming, Tim took the decision to open a new branch in Wells in 2021 which has been a great success.

He works tirelessly to continue to grow the business and serve the people of Godalming and Wells with the help of his amazing team.   

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Milton is the newest addition to the Merlin's Lineage...

Born at Loseley house estate, in Godalming 2nd November 2020

Tim was introduced to him by a regular customer to the Godalming branch, as soon as they met an instant bond was forged and the rest is history!

When he isn't out on hikes with Tim or relaxing at the Harris household he loves to meet and greet customers in the Wells branch.

Milton has quickly become a beloved member of the Wells community with regualr visitors to the store just to give him a fuss!

Milton ~ Merlin's Successor

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