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Watch & Clock Repairs

We’ve been taking care of multiple generations of our client’s watches, clocks and timepieces for over 40 years, always going above and beyond to offer excellence as standard for any repair, large or small.

Watch Repairs & Maintenance

Even the finest piece of craftsmanship requires a little maintenance from time to time.

With our excellent in-store services for everything from replacement watch batteries, minor or significant repairs, face restoration and our superb selection of finest quality straps, you can be certain that your watch is in optimum condition, looking great and keeping perfect time.

With a 12 month guarantee on any works undertaken during a full service, you can rest

assured that your treasured timepiece is in safe hands.

Services Available Include:

  • All works available on anything from daily-wear watches to luxury brands

  • All forms of batteries

  • Excellent selection of straps

  • Modern & vintage timepieces

  • Minor repairs to major restoration and repair works

  • Face restoration

  • Full servicing

  • Full restoration

Clock Repairs

Let us take care of all your treasured and most relied upon household and decorative clocks and make sure they’re keeping perfect time so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Whether your item requires a complete overhaul, a specialist repair, replacement part

or simply a regular service, we can ensure your clocks are in tiptop condition.

We offer a 12 month guarantee on works to all clocks and watches performed

under a full service.

  • Antique clocks

  • Pendulum clocks

  • Wall and travel clocks

  • Grandfather and mantel clocks

  • Unusual or specialist timepieces

  • Full servicing

  • Full restoration

Please get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll do our best to help.

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