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Wells on Site Jewellery Cleaning Service
(Cleaning service coming soon to Godalming)


Bring back your jewellery’s sparkle and shine with our cleaning and polishing service. Day to day housework and gardening as well as the application of beauty products such as moisturising creams, soaps and sanitizers, can take its toll on your jewellery. Jewellery containing stones needs regular cleaning as dirt accumulates under the stone and stops light from shining through which then reduces its' sparkle. We can gently clean away all the dirt using specialist sonic cleaning solutions and polish out any scratches from the metal from everyday wear with our professional polishing mops to revive the shine. We can rhodium plate your white gold jewellery if necessary.

Jewellery cleaning
diamond rings
jewellery polishing tools

Please get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll do our best to help.

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