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Jewellery Repairs


Clasp Replacement & Repair Services

We can take care of any clasp replacement or repair issue relating to your jewellery, from as little as £15.

We can help with everything from lobster, carabina and pearl clasps, to brooch and earring clasps or fittings, whether that be the replacement, or repair of. We have a broad selection of clasps, from vintage to modern styles, in all metals, to suit.

Gem Setting, Supply & Stone Cutting Service

We can set or re-set a gemstone into your treasured item with our highly competitively priced gem setting services, starting from as little as £25. We have an amazing team of gem setters and diamond mounters who pride themselves on their beautiful work. We are fortunate to work with two exceptional Diamond mounters who are the best in the business, and, what with Martin’s professional background at Asprey’s, we are extremely proud of the quality and perfection of any diamond mounting work that we do. We have been working alongside the same trusted gem dealers and stone cutters since we opened, back in in 1979, because we simply can’t fault their services.

diamond ring

Re-plating & Polishing Services

We can take care of any re-plating work required for your treasured items, in rhodium, silver, gold and rose gold.

We like a family connection, which, apart from his plating brilliance, is one of the reasons we love to work with our superb third generation plater. His family started in the trade back in 1915, and he has worked the last 30 years with the top stalls in the London Silver Vaults and Hatton Garden.

Needless to say, we are able to plate anything from a pin head, to large candle sticks and beyond…

Soldering Services

We offer solder repairs on all non contemporary precious metal items.

We have extremely accomplished repairs specialists in our workshop,

masters of the art of achieving the perfect colour match for any soldering job.

This is no mean feat. Think, if you will, of how an artist must be able to mix his paints to get that perfect shade and tone. Now turn up the temperature to 400 degrees…

With our new laser welder, we also have the ability to carry out less intrusive, yet affordable solder work where appropriate.

jewellery repair workshop

Please get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll do our best to help.

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